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HTML E-mail Signatures

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013

At work, we are always doing HTML e-mail signatures for our clients. Although support for HTML in e-mail sigs isn’t universal (many times for security reasons HTML is disabled), they do add a nice touch. For those who want to add a little panache to their signature, you can use HTMLSig.com to generate your own. This was a project developed by sebastienb that I helped a bit with some of the jQuery and logistics. He is already planning and developing a next phase that will add several new features.

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About Me

About Me

Who am I? Well, since you are already on my website, you probably already know. I was the typical day-dreamer and doodler sitting in the back of the class. I loved video games, toys, comics, animation and art so naturally I went to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and got my Bachelor’s in Media Arts and Animation. Due to the lack of animation jobs in South Florida, I got a job as a graphic designer while working on my Masters. Eventually that led to a promotion to Web Designer and became the understudy to the lead programmer at the agency where I worked. Little by little, I began expanding my knowledge-base to include scripting, linux and windows server configuration, database development and programming. Now I am the Digital Director at República using all that I’ve learned to do everything from designing and front-end development to programming, 3d rendering and everything in between.

Proficient In:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Bootstrap / WordPress
  • Flash / ActionScript
  • Classic .ASP / .PHP
  • Ubuntu / Windows IIS
  • Maya / Modo

Working Knowledge of:

  • Illustrator / InDesign
  • MooTools / ProtoType
  • HTML5
  • Drupal / Magento
  • .NET
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All (46) | 3d (12) | Drawing & Digital (12) | Flash (4) | Websites (18)

Metal X

Drawing & Digital

The Metal X was my logo for a while. This was a background I made for my desktop.

Sedano’s Supermarkets


Website designed and developed at República.

CBB Taster


This is a series of renders for Chivas in-store tasters.


Drawing & Digital

Digital painting of a butterfly made in Photoshop as a gift to my sister.

Absolut Elyx


Another brainstorm render for Pernod Ricard

Bear on Shore

Drawing & Digital

Concept art done for my Masters Thesis in mixed media including water color, acrylics and color pencils



Website developed on custom php/mysql CMS

McCullar Realty


Real Estate website designed and developed on Wordpress.

Digital Bartender


Concept render for Chivas Digital Bartender modeled and rendered in Modo.



Another modo re-render of a model created back in 2002 on 3D Studio Max.



A Modo re-render of a model first created in 2004 while in the Animation program at MIU.

Anthony Hopkins

Drawing & Digital

Old drawing of Anthony Hopkins made back in high school.

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Contact Me

Contact Me

Got a freelance project, a question about anything I’ve worked on or just want to say “hello”? Use the form to the left to send me a message. I’ll generally respond fairly quickly but sometimes life has a way of getting in the way of me checking my email so if it’s important, message me on AIM @xcast3d.