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HTML E-mail Signatures

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013

At work, we are always doing HTML e-mail signatures for our clients. Although support for HTML in e-mail sigs isn’t universal (many times for security reasons HTML is disabled), they do add a nice touch. For those who want to add a little panache to their signature, you can use HTMLSig.com to generate your own. This was a project developed by sebastienb that I helped a bit with some of the jQuery and logistics. He is already planning and developing a next phase that will add several new features.

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About Me

About Me

Who am I? Well, since you are already on my website, you probably already know. I was the typical day-dreamer and doodler sitting in the back of the class. I loved video games, toys, comics, animation and art so naturally I went to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and got my Bachelor’s in Media Arts and Animation. I got a job as a graphic designer while working on my Masters. Eventually that led to a promotion to Web Designer and became the understudy to the lead programmer at the agency where I worked. Little by little, I began expanding my knowledge-base to include scripting, linux and windows server configuration, database development and programming. Now I am the Digital Director at República using all that I’ve learned to do everything from designing and front-end development to programming, 3d rendering and everything in between.

Proficient In:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Bootstrap / WordPress
  • Flash / ActionScript
  • Classic .ASP / .PHP
  • Ubuntu / Windows IIS
  • Maya / Modo

Working Knowledge of:

  • Illustrator / InDesign
  • MooTools / ProtoType
  • HTML5
  • Drupal / Magento
  • .NET
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McCullar Realty


Real Estate website designed and developed on Wordpress.

Chivas Display


A wall unit display with tasting table modeled and rendered in Modo.

Downtown Doral


Another fluid/responsive design developed using bootstrap and wordpress.

Bear on Shore

Drawing & Digital

Concept art done for my Masters Thesis in mixed media including water color, acrylics and color pencils

1Eagle Branding

Drawing & Digital

Branding done for 1Eagle Logistics including logo, business cards and website (coming soon).

S2Net Website


My first fully flash website with icons and graphic elements modeled in Maya.

Dodge Heat

Drawing & Digital

Mockup AD created during one my first digital painting class nearly 10 years ago.

Self Portrait


In progress self-portrait made in Modo. Hope to finish modelling and texturing someday.

CBB Taster


This is a series of renders for Chivas in-store tasters.

Tax Solutions


Another freelance website designed and developed by yours truly.

PRATR – Holiday Card


An interactive Holiday card made for Pernod Ricard Americas Travel Retail.

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Contact Me

Contact Me

Got a freelance project, a question about anything I’ve worked on or just want to say “hello”? Use the form to the left to send me a message. I’ll generally respond fairly quickly but sometimes life has a way of getting in the way of me checking my email so if it’s important, message me on AIM @xcast3d.